Moving or downsizing? Need to settle the family Estate?
Call our professional team to help, Ask if you qualify for a FREE Pack & pick-up service
if you have a larger quantity,
     complete Estate or Houseful

 Serving the Entire East Coast of Florida 2
3 Years
Estate buy-out or sell at your home/location we also offer
pack & pick-up services for larger quantities  
This is a perfect scenario if you have
sold your home and don't want to take the liability chance  of any
slip & falls, over flowing rest rooms, carpet traffic, parking issues, etc; and best of all you will receive a
computer generated sales record of your items.. No chance for any pocket
cash stashing!  
Because our team of professionals takes pride in our reputation and
our BBB A+ Customer Care Rating.
We've been at our location over 20 years and it is time for us to update.
In the meanwhile check here for future auction location & up-dates.
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Estate & Direct Buy-Out Contact Steve