We will sell at your location or ours, however we prefer to offer you our pack &
pick-up services FREE! and sell your items at our well established auction house.
This is a perfect scenario if you have
sold your home and don't want to take the
liability chance  of any slip & falls, over flowing rest rooms, carpet traffic, parking
issues, etc; and best of all you will receive a computer generated sales record of
your items.. No chance for any pocket
cash stashing!  Because our team of
professionals takes pride in our reputation and our A+ BBB Rating.
As seen on local and
national television many
times, including
HGTV(cash in the
And awarded #1 best &
most reader ship award
from our local news paper
             Palm City Auction Inc

Serving East Coast of Florida over 20 years           
Consider it SOLD!
Members of
American Society of
Estate Liquidators
Stephen Estep Sr.
Colonel/ Auctioneer
Masters Degree from
Nashville Tennessee
Auction School
(38 Years)
Stephen Estep Jr.
State of Florida
Auctioneer Degree
All Estate Liquidators Don’t Do Business Equally
The American Society of Estate Liquidators estimated there were about 14,000 estate
liquidation businesses across the United States as of Mid-2013, according to a
related story on The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch.com.
Some of these ambitious individuals are antique dealers or furniture dealers who
know enough through buying and selling to get by, others are trained from a book as
appraisers, and some are barely qualified but working it anyway.

And the naked truth is that there are no government agencies, not even on a local
level, regulating estate liquidation services so most anyone can get into the business
even if they have a criminal back ground and no experience of the resale market
values. None of the for mentioned have an obligation to do any type of reporting to
an agency, nor do they have anyone following up on their practices.
Whereas Palm City Auction Inc is regulated by:
Florida Department of Professional Regulations
Same also applies to Palm City Auctioneers and all Florida Auctioneers which are
bound by Licence, Auction Laws & Ethics.  

Palm City Auction has a long history of being very professional, offering a very
quick, effective and affordable service than other selling methods. Palm City Auction
Inc has a total 57 years of experienced auctioneers that have
sold over 19 million
items and the data base to identifying anything from rare art, antiques and  today’s
market value for quality modern and up to date furniture.
Call the trusted Palm City Auction professionals before you let STRANGERS into your home
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                  posted on the Internet from a participant at
                 2014 Estate Sale Convention in reference to:
              Estate Sale Company's NOT paying t
he clients
We've been rated superior in the Estate Selling Industry!
Before you decide to hire a liquidator Please!!!! read the important article below.
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